Universal Crane

"One of the largest problems in the farming is health damages because of heavy lifts".


Probably there is no business having more different lifting operations under so varying conditions than you have in the agriculture. Everything from fertilizer bags, seed bags, machine parts, timber logs, round balls, soil, persons etc. to equipment and building materials. These shall be lifted on places with partly slippery and smooth ground so that the danger of injuries is extra big. And that is not all. This shall be carried out both on cold weather where stiff muscles easy can be damaged and strong heat where one for instance can get of the heart with strong strain. Everywhere in the industry, the transport business and on building sites it takes place a development that shall influence people to lift less and thus avoid injuries. The sizes of sacs are reduced. All the time it is important to get people to lift less and thus avoid hurting themselves. Unfortunately the same thing doesn’t take place in the agriculture. The fact that the farming equipment manufacturers have not grasped this approach to the problem with quite another resolution I find blame able. They should offer much better and cheaper solutions to help their customers. Maybe it will be more understanding for this if you called a spade for a spade and defined agriculture as a transport business. Because that is what it to a large extent is.

What does the farming industry need?

The farming industry need an universal crane that can help the farmer with hoisting, holding, lowering and load everything he shall transport and move everywhere on the farm, to and from the farm and everywhere else in an easy simple and safe manner.

Definition and history

Crane can be defined as a mechanical device that is in use for lifting and lowering materials and things. This is not a newfangled matter. A carved stone relief found in the tomb to the Rome family Haterii shows a crane in use already for almost 2000 year ago.

How should this be done?

The work of farms today are organized so that the tractor can be used everywhere. Since you in addition make the most lifting in connection with use of tractor it would be natural to mount such an universal crane on the tractor. The problem is unfortunately that tractors today have a design that such an universal crane doesn’t naturally fell in, but when we shall make a new trekker anyway (see article about this) and we take this in from the planning a universal crane with 1-2 metric tones lifting force with a lifting height of 12 meters, reaching with on 8 meters with possibility for elongation, could be integrated in a natural way.
It will then be with you everywhere so that it easy to use all places, at the same time as it is not an obstruction or to inconvenience when it is not in use. We will arrange so that you can change between everything from hook, grabbing claw for round balls, timber claw, yoke for lifting snow chains onto the wheels, earth shovel, manure shovel etc. In addition it will be natural to use the universal crane to carry equipment and tools for other jobs. For example to working platform for safe work in the height by maintenance, painting, clearing of roof gutters, clearing of snow from roofs, removing of trees that can not easily be removed, trimming of fruit trees etc. Further as carrying device for tools like ditch mowers for use along the roads, equipment for removing of old walls or porous rock, cutting aggregates for felling trees, pumps for emptying septic tanks and manure tanks, handling of large emptying pumps, etc. etc. Only the imagination limits the possibilities and when the chance is there, it may be will appear with new and useful tools that makes the farming work simpler, safer and much more efficient. Besides, you will be able to execute working operations that are unbelievable with your existing tools. In short. It will be a fantastic helping tool for the farmer. We reckon that it will almost be as natural that the trekker is equipped with universal crane as it has hydraulic hoist.

How shall en ideal universal crane be designed?

First of all it must be so practical to use that it becomes more natural to use the crane than to try to lift things manually. It must be hydraulic with more joints so that it can reach everywhere and is easy to use and very precise in the movements. It must have remote controller that has its fixed place in the trekker cab but that can be carried outside so that it is easy to use with platform or places behind walls and similar that are invisible from inside the driver’s cab. The weight must be low. That tells that the crane must be carefully designed and strain calculated in all detail so that the farmer neither need to buy or drive around carrying unnecessary steel. Every pound of steel that has been saved this way and by using steel with very high strength gives higher lifting ability for the crane.

Increased efficiency

When you get used to see the possibilities such an universal crane makes, I believe that none any more will understand how they managed without. Many different helping devices like cranes for large bags will be replaced by this universal crane. The farmer will be able to do much more work without physical efforts. This gives increased efficiency and thus more earnings. You don’t by that means either not need to have large physical strength to run a farm. That is important to be able to remain in the job longer fore those who want that and avoid being ill or permanent disabled. It is also an important factor to have in mind in order to prepare the agriculture also for women performers that then can replace a little less physical strength with smartness instead. For as the adage says:”By hook or by crook a dwarf is stronger than a giant”.


Because none of today producers of agricultural equipment make universal cranes with such possibilities, we have decided to start production of such an universal crane simultaneously with the trekker when we see that the interest are large enough to justify an efficient batch production. The new universal crane can unfortunately either not be demonstrated before it is patented because it is many patentable solutions in the concept. Batch production and patenting are today essential to be able to deliver top products cheaper so that you can take part in the saving.


We have either not in this study of cranes been able to avoid to do some reflections as we saw the possibilities for improvements. Some years ago it was only a few timber trucks that were equipped with crane. Now everyone have. And you hardly find a delivery truck that doesn’t has z-lift. Why that? Of course because it is very profitable to have that. Every truck can transport much more cargo. They need fewer trucks and thus the total investments and maintenance costs will be lower. This gives increased profit and less physical strains. The very same will for sure happen in the agriculture when we have introduced better helping tools like this universal crane. You will get done more work per man-labor year and you will be spared from having an extra tractor with loader to hoist the large bags over the seeding machine or rent a costly lift every time you need to do something in the height. If you may be having interest in this or have views we hope you will contact us on email:flagro@fladby.com. Internet: http://flagro.fladby.com

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